“I believe that art — whether we are looking at it or making it — connects us to what is most beautiful, magical, and inspirational in life.  Art restores us to hope and shows us what is extraordinary about ourselves.  It leads us each to our own creative well, that deep inner source of knowing where we find inspiration, courage and growth.  As a painter and art-based life coach, it is my aim to bring people to that place where eyes are refreshed, spirits renewed, and our imaginations ignited to serve our highest visions for life.”

My love affair with art began when I was a little kid lying in bed listening to my mother read aloud from Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem “The Swing.” The words were nice, but it was the illustration that had an amazing effect on me. One look at that simple line drawing of a little girl on a swing, and suddenly she was me! I actually felt as if I were the one who was flying “up! Up in the air so blue!” It was an experience I never came down from, for in that moment I knew I had to be an artist! To make pictures that could make other people feel such magic—that was my heart’s desire.
From then on I spent every spare moment drawing and painting. But then (classic story) I grew up and had to make a living. I was persuaded that art was no way to do that. So drawing and painting took a back seat to my “real job” which, lucky me, turned out to be creative too. For 20 plus years, I worked for major New York ad agencies, writing and producing magazine ads and TV commercials, eventually acting in them and doing voiceovers. It was great because I got to work with many talented designers, directors, artists and writers who helped shape my own artistic vision and ideals. When at last the day came and I was able to fit formal art classes into my schedule, my artwork jumped to a new level. Immediately, I began to get shows and gallery representation and my lifelong dream came true: I was now a full time painter!
But just as things started to unfold exactly as I had hoped I began to struggle with a series of life threatening illnesses. That is when I discovered that art, beyond adding beauty and magic to life, could be a force for healing too. Seeking ways to cope with my unrelenting anxiety and fear, I stumbled on a way to use art that supported me through this crisis. I came to call this process Inner Explorations, and once I started using it, not only my health but my entire life began to improve. This led me to seek a deeper understanding of creativity and its connection to well being. I began to study many other healing disciplines and modalities. I explored Chinese Traditional Medicine and other ancient systems of healing. I took trainings in energy medicine techniques such as EFT. Ultimately, I became certified as a life coach and positive psychology practitioner (CAPP), giving me a command of the latest research in mind body connections and best practices for creating positivity and change. This underpinning of science supports and strengthens the creative part of my practice and continues to serve me well.
Today, I remain happy and healthy and busy making paintings which are enjoyed in private collections, galleries and corporate offices across the US and in Europe.
Meanwhile, because I believe powerfully in art as a catalyst for change, I started Creative Well Coaching so that others can use their creativity to navigate through their own life challenges. The workshops I offer blend transformative art experiences with the latest findings from neuroscience and positive psychology. They are designed to help anyone traveling through uncertainty to reclaim a sense of calm, clarity, and hope. Participants discover their own “creative well” of fresh inspiration and ideas and begin to joyfully take action toward a more fulfilling life. Above all, they come to trust the wisdom of their creativity, and feel empowered to engage with whatever the future may hold. These popular workshops have been held at the Creative Center (formerly the Creative Center for Women with Cancer), and Gilda’s Club in NYC. I also teach people individually and in groups, both in person and online.
In my spare time, I love to be in Nature. I volunteer with organizations dedicated to preserving and improving natural environments, especially in urban landscapes. Another joy of mine is cooking from scratch and savoring every moment of selecting and preparing fresh organic food. I love “inflicting” healthy meals on my wonderful husband Jerry, who grudgingly admits they taste great!